We build analytics teams.

Startups today are struggling to build their analytics teams:

  1. Talent is expensive and hard to find.

    Building a modern analytics organization uses brand new tools, technologies, and processes, and there just aren’t enough people who have experience in this environment. Those who do are expensive.
  2. Best practices change constantly.

    The practice of analytics is evolving rapidly. It’s hard for practitioners to put their heads down and solve real problems while also staying up-to-date on industry changes that could 10x their outcomes.
  3. Executive talent is vanishingly rare.

    Executives, by definition, have “been there done that.” In an industry being rebuilt from the ground up, there just aren’t many people who have built modern data teams.
  4. No one knows everything.

    You need people thinking about data engineering, business intelligence, data science, and data strategy, and you’re not going to find a single person who is an expert in each of those areas.

As a result, bootstrapping your analytics organization is extremely challenging. In order to get off the ground, you need to make sophisticated choices about tools, technology, and process. You need to interview people who have skill sets you don’t have, and you need to trust them to make decisions that will impact the long-term success of this core strategic function.

And, of course, you have to find the cash to pay for all of it.

We help you solve the
cold-start problem.

Our goal is not only to build useful analytics for you: we want to help you build your analytics organization.

We’re frequently the first analysts in the door at a startup—many of our engagements begin shortly after an A round—and we typically work directly with the executive team. We set up analytics infrastructure and processes and build the core marketing, product, and finance reports the business needs.

As our clients’ businesses grow, we slowly shift into a supporting role. We help clients grow their data teams by recruiting, interviewing, and training new team members. We advise new hires on best practices and conduct code reviews. We fill in the gaps of the team’s skill sets, frequently with data engineering, data science, and strategy work.

We’re able to do all of this because we have deep experience in every function within the modern analytics team. Our founding team came out of RJMetrics, where we got a front-row seat to the evolution of the analytics industry. We’ve worked with and built data technology for hundreds of venture-funded businesses, and are deeply plugged into the networks of the innovators in the space.

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A team of analytics experts.

Tristan Handy, Founder & CEO Fishtown Analytics - Analytics Consulting for High-Growth Startups

Tristan Handy Founder & CEO

Tristan has been working with data for 18 years. He built the first analytics competency at Squarespace and helped it raise its $37M Series A. He spent the next three years building RJMetrics, a leading analytics technology vendor.

Drew Banin, Co-Founder & Data Scientist Fishtown Analytics - Analytics Consulting for High-Growth Startups

Drew Banin Co-Founder & Data Scientist

Drew has built event collection systems that scaled to billions of events per month, implemented Markov-based marketing attribution models on millions of dollars of marketing spend, and dreams in NetworkX graphs.

Connor McArthur, Co-Founder & Data Engineer Fishtown Analytics - Analytics Consulting for High-Growth Startups

Connor McArthur Co-Founder & Data Engineer

Connor builds data systems. He's engineered and maintained multi-tenant, petabyte-scale data pipelines which power analytics for hundreds of data-savvy internet companies. He spent the last five years building Stitch (formerly RJMetrics).

Erin Vaughan, Director of Consulting Fishtown Analytics - Analytics Consulting for High-Growth Startups

Erin Vaughan Director of Consulting

Erin spent two years at RJMetrics working with dozens of high-growth ecommerce and SaaS companies. She's helped more startups build ecommerce, subscription, and event-based analytics than any single human should ever have to.

Erica Louie, Data Analyst Fishtown Analytics - Analytics Consulting for High-Growth Startups

Erica Louie Data Analyst

Erica ran several social media channels and performed web analytics for various companies before joining the Fishtown team. She often geeks out over data visualizations and learning new SQL functions.

Jeremy Cohen, Data Analyst Fishtown Analytics - Analytics Consulting for High-Growth Startups

Jeremy Cohen Data Analyst

Jeremy spent years reading ancient languages, drawing nuanced connections from confusing and incomplete source material. Now, he wields the same acuity to tell the stories of small, data-driven, and thoroughly modern organizations.

Jake Beck, Software Engineer Fishtown Analytics - Analytics Consulting for High-Growth Startups

Jake Beck Software Engineer

Jake has has worked on topics from automated user provisioning to printer QA automation to webservice development. He especially enjoys working on tools for technologists and automating boring tasks for end users.

Alexa Diaz, Data Analyst Fishtown Analytics - Analytics Consulting for High-Growth Startups

Alexa Diaz Data Analyst

Alexa developed a passion for analytics while working at a digital marketing firm where she was instrumental in driving high-quality traffic to various web publications. She's excited to be on the other side of the numbers, analyzing key metrics for high growth startups.

Jacob Werderits, Data Analyst Fishtown Analytics - Analytics Consulting for High-Growth Startups

Jacob Werderits Data Analyst

Jacob spent the last three years in non-profit finance and operations. His active curiosity found him a new home in data science. Jacob spends his free time rock climbing and injecting whimsy into people's lives.

Claire Carroll, dbt Community Manager Fishtown Analytics - Analytics Consulting for High-Growth Startups

Claire Carroll dbt Community Manager

Claire loves to build data stacks that enable business users to answer their data-related questions independently. Prior to joining Fishtown Analytics, Claire spent two years as a Data Analyst at a high-growth start-up in her hometown of Sydney.

Amy Chen, Data Analyst Fishtown Analytics - Analytics Consulting for High-Growth Startups

Amy Chen Data Analyst

Amy hails from the land of chemical manufacturing as a former chemist. She is excited to start on this new adventure of data consulting. When not exploring the wonders of SQL and dbt, she’s up in the air doing aerials or rock climbing.

Chris Lawliss, Data Analyst Fishtown Analytics - Analytics Consulting for High-Growth Startups

Chris Lawliss Data Analyst

Chris learned his passion for data working at a startup and going to Tableau user groups in Los Angeles. He loves exploring public data sets in R, designing board games, and cooking for his family and friends.

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