Agile analytics, predictable pricing.

All our work is done in two-week sprints. Cancel any time.

Data Engineering

  • Build custom data extractors
  • Build custom data enrichment integrations


  • Data warehouse configuration and optimization
  • Event tracking
  • Data modeling
  • KPI reporting

Data Science

  • Churn prediction
  • Advanced marketing attribution
  • Sales forecasting

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Frequently asked questions

What is a sprint?

Sprints are the mechanism for organizing work used in Agile software development. A sprint is a block of time that is long enough to accomplish a meaningful amount of work but short enough to provide focus. Our sprints are two weeks long.

Why Agile?

We’ve been doing analytics for a long time, and we’ve seen analytics projects fail in a lot of different ways. Our belief is that Agile is the best mechanism to ensure project success: Agile is well-suited to build / measure / learn cycles that are the natural flow of analytics work.

What does a typical project look like?

Our typical project has us working across the entire stack. We’ll frequently help a client at the beginning of their analytics lifecycle spin up their warehouse, load data using off-the-shelf ETL tools, model the data in their warehouse using dbt, and build some core reports in their BI platform of choice. As the project progresses we’ll often expand to doing more diverse work, including event tracking, building custom integrations, and developing predictive models, but most sprints are typically focused on analytics.

Who will work on our project?

Every project has a primary point of contact who will be on every one of your calls and will do the majority of the work on your project. Behind the scenes, we’ll be pulling in the expertise necessary to deliver all of your work, whether that’s top-tier data engineering or data science talent.

What tools do you use?

We’ve written a lot about what tools we prefer. We’re willing to adapt based on your preferences, but we only work in environments where there is a high-performance SQL data warehouse as the backbone of the analytics infrastructure.

What is the product of a single sprint?

It’s hard to know whether $4,000 for a sprint is a good deal unless you know how much work we’re going to do! Before starting any project, we’ll always spec out the first one or two sprints to make sure you know what you’re getting.

Can we just pay you hourly?

Nope! We don’t accept hourly work. We’re confident that we can get the work done you’re looking for, but our entire business is built to exclusively deliver work in sprints.

Do you host the data or do we?

We’ll help you set up your infrastructure, but you’ll own it. We don’t want you to be dependent on us—we want to empower you!

Do you have startup rates?

These are the startup rates :) We work exclusively with venture-funded businesses, so we only offer startup rates! We know that our consulting fees are non-trivial for very early-stage businesses. If you don’t believe you’re ready for this level of commitment, we’re still open to having a get-to-know-you conversation so that you can plan your budget after your next fundraise.

When can we get started?

It depends! Sometimes we have a several-week backlog and sometimes we can start a new project within the week. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to share what our current availability looks like.

Can our lawyers mark up your contract?

We’ve written our Master Services Agreement to make it easy to work together with minimal fuss, and sign the exact same agreement with each of our clients. If you believe that there are changes to our MSA that we should consider, please feel free to suggest them, but we do not make one-off edits for a single client.

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